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What makes our stories unique?

  • Versatile and natural story telling ability
  • Our stories portray virtual world realistically where characters are masterfully develop
  • We know the right tone and diction for any particular type of story
  • We use Copyscape Premium to avoid plagiarism

Why can’t everyone write a good story

Who does not have a bunch of good stories to tell? May be not everyone has Huckleberry Finn like stories from their childhood, but there could be even more exciting ones. We live through a never ending storyline of life that never ceases to generate thousands of different and amazing real-life stories. Apart from the real ones we create hundred times more using our imagination. By nature all of us are creative to some level and we simply love to hear and tell stories. As a matter of fact, human beings are genetically designed to spin thousands of stories as they live through their lives. But how many good stories are actually written? The reason for which we see such a low number of written stories is that stories are not that easy when it comes to writing them. You either need a natural capacity for writing stories or you have to train yourself for years backed by extensive studies to develop the skill of writing. So, despite having so much to tell, there are few who can actually write good stories. This is where a professional story writer enters the picture. A story writer who writes stories on behalf of his or her clients is also known as a ghostwriter.

Why you need a Ghostwriter writing service

The term ghostwriter is an interesting choice of word for expressing ‘writer who writes on behalf of others’. This means a ghostwriter writes literary pieces such as stories, novels, autobiographies or the likes on behalf of another person and at the end of writing surrenders the total right to that person. You can depend on ghostwriters when it comes to writing a story as they know the elements of a story.

An expert story writer’s skill stems from experience

Professional ghostwriters write for their clients on a regular basis. However, due to extensive writing experience and professional requirements ghostwriters are usually highly skilled in writing with enormous resource of vocabulary that allows them to craft any story the way they want. To start with they will collect all the instructions you will provide and listen very carefully whatever you have to tell. This is a very important part of story writing as every story should have its own signature tone that should directly connect with the story teller’s personality. This helps the story sound unique and stand out from the rest and a good story writer is aware of this.

 Helps you with topics and Ideas

A professional story writer never runs out of story writing topics and exclusive titles. He or she can help you with finding the right topic for whatever purpose you need a story for. They can also help you with numerous story writing ideas that you might often lack. A good story writing idea is one of the primary things that you need for a great story. You may have enough resource but do not know how to start writing a story using it. This happens a lot and a professional storyteller can help you on this. From their experience they know how to write a good story plot.

Cover a wide range of categories of books

There are many types of story writing as there are different kinds of stories. Some are for kids, some for educational purposes, some for a certain group of people and the list goes on. However, story writing for kids is different from that about space and planets.  In this case a professional story writing service agency can supply the right story writer for you who know how to write differently in different cases.

What makes our story writing service exceptional?

We are a professional story writing service provider. We have some of the finest story writers working for us who wrote plenty of stories for our clients over the past 8 years. Our writers are Native speakers with degrees in English literature. We carefully select our story writers in order to provide the best service for our clients.

  • We are exceptional for a number of reasons. Our stories are of high quality yet we offer a much lower cost than others.
  • Our writers diligently work on generating creative writing ideas. We can write any kind of topic that you will throw at us.
  • We maintain appropriate tone and point of view for each writing task. Some of our writers have unusual short story telling So if you are in need of writing a short story we can do that.
  • Our titles are tailored in such a manner that will hook the attention of whoever throw a glance at them. Besides, our stories are highly engaging in their style.
  • We carry out extensive research prior to writing our stories, so our stories never lack in relevant information. We collect information from authentic sources.
  • We have a wide network of writers who interact with one another to share creative writing ideas on a regular basis.
  • Being a small agency we do not go for quantity, instead, we focus on quality.
  • We use Copyscape Premium to avoid plagiarism
  • We research for titles for free
  • Our story writing service offers super-fast delivery

So if you want a perfect story written by our professional story writers contact us right away. We are in service 24/7.

What other services we offer?

As a writing agency with professional creative writers working for us we can write any types of creative writing for you including Novel, Autobiography, non-fiction etc. We can help you with writing your first novel and make your dream come true! We also provide services for writing a book outline. We can also show you story writing examples if you like before you want to order one.

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