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Introduction to social media posts

Social media posts refer to the writings people put on the status sections of social media websites, such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, LinkedIn etc. These websites were built for posting short writings and multimedia contents. So, people are in constant look out for social media post ideas. Usually, these posts are concise, compact and filled with catchy colloquial words to grab attention. Images and videos are frequently posted and one does not have to be a professional social media writer to do this. This can also be described as documentation of personal life. Nowadays, social media posting has become a great business tool for successful marketing. Well informed and wise business people are increasingly using social media posts to connect with potential clients. However, the strategy can also include the use of celebrity accounts to post promotional posts. But a few people can reach the celebs. However, creative social media posts generated by social media service providers still remain as a great option for effective social media marketing. Professional social media writers can come up with plenty of effective social media ideas for generating numerous posts.

Social media reality and marketing opportunity

Needless to say that the internet is fun because social media websites are rapidly expanding by making new records of subscribers. This is a horizon of opportunity nobody in the past could ever think of. Now that we have it, researchers are spending hours on analyzing human behavior and how social media websites influence it. As more and more people are pouring into social media websites, new windows of business and marketing opportunities are opening up. Social media posts are the life blood of these websites. People not only share their life experiences and thoughts using these sites, they also read and see what has been posted by others. A recent survey shows that more people are now dependent on online news reports that they find as news feeds on their social media website accounts than traditional newspapers. This is partly because people have less time to spend on buying a newspaper from store when they can access the same content online in less time. So this appears to be an unprecedented time in the history of mankind when people are more engaged in virtual world than they are in real life. Where there are people there are business opportunities. As the aim of marketing is to capture people’s attention social media posts can help a lot, since people actually read these concise write ups that are small in size and fun to read.

What are the advantages of using social media for advertising?

Any platform that can bring so many people together should create a massive wave of marketing opportunities. Social media websites are full of advantages in terms of low cost marketing that can be achieved through social media writing and postings with substantial output. First of all you do not have to spend a lot of cash for buying billboard spaces and hire celebrities for TV commercials. People do not have to pay for opening up accounts in these websites. Besides they are also willing to pay attention to the feeds of their account. If a clever businessman can reach their account feeds using interesting posts, people will not only read but also share them if they like to let others know about it. So, apart from being cost effective marketing tools, social media posts are also highly effective with a wider spectrum for business opportunities.

How we write effective social media posts?

As a professional social media posting service provider, we have been writing powerful and effective social media posts for our clients for over 8 years. We have a set of well researched social media posting guidelines that are followed by our professional social media content writers who know exactly how to create good content for social media. There are particular areas where a powerful social media post can shine. The trick is to use those areas for maximum promotion. For example, the title is the most important thing in a social media post that grab attention and stop the surfing individual and make her or him stay on the post. The body of the post should also be full of catchy terms written in the most interesting way to keep the audience glued to the post. Meanwhile, the image used with the post can also be an effective attention grabber. Our brilliant writers knows exactly how to write social media posts using our guidelines. We never run out of social media post ideas. In our 8 years of offering social media services, we successfully promoted plenty of products and services of our respected clients. We have so many previous work samples that we have done for our clients, so you can have a look at our social media post examples from there any time. Another important part of our wizardry is the use of hashtags on our postings. We research the most searched for terms relevant to the client’s service or products and use them as hashtags with our posts so that our posts ranks high on searches.

What platforms our social media writers work on?

We provide our social media writing services on the most popular social media platforms available on the web, for example: Twitter, which has 319 million active users as of 2016, Facebook, which has 2 billion monthly active users as of June, 2017. We also post on LinkedIn and Google Plus. These social media sites can reach the highest number of people online for whom we have endless creative social media ideas.

What other services we offer?

We offer a wide range of services apart from social media content writing services. We write SEO optimized contents for our customers. You can also find sample of product description, newsletter, resume, eBook, autobiography, sales page, and company profile writing etc.

If you need social media content writers to write some killer social media posts, please hire us and we can do the job for you as we have dedicated professional social media writers working for us. We are online most of the time. You can contact us using the mailing address or the Skype option given on the top of home page.

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