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What is a Sales letter?

A sales letter or sales copy, also known as sales email, is basically a direct mail appropriately designed aiming to persuade a potential buyer to purchase a product. These letters are cleverly tailored, often with relevant images, to encapsulate the key information about a certain product and presented to a potential customer. These letters are delivered electronically using E-mail to reach several thousand, in other cases, several hundreds of thousands customer mailing account. We are frequently showered by these mails and most of these are thrown into the junk box. However, very few of them we feel interested about due to the relevance of the product it is trying to sell and the way it creates an impression on us with its look, language and the manner of presentation. So there is no doubt about the importance of sales letter in business communication. But only an expert sales letter writer would know the trick to create the most effective sales letter.

Origin of sales letter

Sales letter is a modern marketing invention. Although in pre-modern era there were practices of selling goods using persuasive written letters, but those lack some of the basic characteristics of today’s product sales letters. With the advent of the Internet sales letter began to be a widespread tool for effective internet marketing. With the spread of the internet, sales letter became a globally recognized form of online marketing. Top profile companies along with rising startups adapted online marketing using sales letter writing services. At the moment sales letter is one of the most effective methods of selling expensive products and services. But it would not be right to assume that sales copies are dedicatedly used for luxury products only, even low priced products and services are frequently promoted by a sales letter.

Different parts of sales letter templates

A sales letter basically consists of three major parts. A professional sales letter writer can work magic on each of the part. Let us discuss theme separately.


Title plays the major role part in hooking the reader and inviting him or her to read further into the letter. This is why title are always written with catchy phrases that sounds exceptional to grab attention. It often contains unusual phrases and terms to make an impression on the reader. But the approach should not exceed the limit of decency. In fact, the decision of reading or dumping in the junk is directly related to the title. If it cannot make an impression, no matter how good and convincing the rest of the part sound, the letter will be of no value. This is why professional sales letter writers are always careful about the title.


This is the most crucial part for any sales letter format. This part present the objectives of sales letter. It provides the hints and discusses the focal points of the body of the letter introducing all the issues that are going to be addressed. A sales introduction letter should not have a long beginning as that would bore the readers and turn them away before they reach the main proposals. So, a sales page copywriter tries to avoid verbose and be specific to the relevant points. The use of language should be persuasive and highly convincing in this part of the sales letter. For any formal sales letter the beginning should be concise and precise with catchy phrases to keep the clients glued.

The body

The body of the sales letter contains the main proposals of the deal. If the reader reaches to this part he or she should be interested in knowing the whole deal. So, the sales letter writer should clearly describe the proposals in a very comprehensive way. The body could be between 2 to 16 pages maximum. Usually long sales letters sales more because they are more convincing with a greater details. If the proposals are attractive the readers will be converted into buyers instantly. In most sales letter templates the key proposals are written in professional language maintaining the usage of relevant technical terms. Avoiding necessary technical terms is never a good idea. Usually a reader is attracted by something that he or she does not understand. Based on the proposals the body of the product sales letter should be stretched. However, it is always a good idea to keep unnecessary details off the page.


We must not forget that only the motivated readers can reach up to this point and this is the perfect place for making the call to action. If the writer can make a proper call to action the reader will inevitably end up placing order.

An expert sales letter writer cares about Design

Design is another integral part of the letter for sale. As mentioned earlier, the look of the letter creates the first impression. A professional sales letter writing service provider would know how important the first impression is when it comes to selling a product. The best sales letter format includes proper design. However, the design has two major functions here. First of all creating a good impression and secondly providing a neat and reader friendly format where the reader is never bored by the tiny fonts and black and white combination. The design includes the coloring of the paper, the fonts, graphs and statistics if any and other relevant designs.

Why should you choose us for writing you a sales letter?

As a professional copy and sales letter writing service provider we have been writing powerful sales letters for our clients for over 8 years now. Our works make your clients return to us for more services. We write sales letter that actually sells. To ensure the best quality we do adequate research on our client’s business and choose the best sales letter format. Our years of experience in internet marketing helped us perfect our skills in writing the best sales letter for our clients. We focus on every little details of your letter as we know if we put effort on making a convincing proposal the reader will surely notice it and become interested. We show sample sales letter to customers for building their confidence in us. We follow certain guidelines to produce successful sales emails.

Firstly, we tailor the most captivating title to grab that attention of the prospect clients.

Secondly, we put our objective clearly in a compact format to encapsulate the entire proposal in the beginning. This allows us pursue the prospect buyer into the body of the letter.

Thirdly, our talented sales letter writers elaborately detail the proposal in professional language.

Fourthly, we never miss to make the call to action in the proper place.

Fifthly, we use Copyscape Premium to ensure that the entire letter is plagiarism free.

And finally we proofread it several times with the help of a professional proofreader before submitting. We never miss deadline as we understand the value of time.

Nevertheless, we can also design the sales letter if your client wants. We ensure exceptional design that are very productive in terms of making sales.

What other services do we offer?

Apart from writing productive letter of sales we also write website contents, article, blog, newsletter, brochure, leaflet, non-fiction eBook, Novel, short stories, CV/resume, linkedIn profile summary, product description, product review etc. You can have a look at them on other sections.

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