Ten Working Tips to Write Product Descriptions That Sell

When it comes to selling your product online you have to gain some type of edge over the competition. The only opportunity that you will have to do so will be with the description that you write. And here comes the point of product description writers.

The description is the only thing that your potential customer will knows about your specific product. This makes it imperative that your description grabs the customers attention and makes he or she want to try it.

This is the only chance that you have to make the sale online. There is no sales person there to form a relationship with the customer, or to explain the benefits of having your product in a convincing way. The description must be clear, informative, and interesting. It has to pack a punch with the first words because if it doesn’t immediately grab the attention of the reader he or she will quickly move on to something else.

We live in the information age and your customer is bombarded constantly with all types of information at all times of the day. If he or she does an online search they will see many different product descriptions from your competitors which are all vying for their attention. Each of your competitors will be putting forth their absolute best effort to get the same attention so the competition is fierce.

The description that you write must do more than just describe the thing that you want to sell. It has to engage the customer and cause him or her to interact in a capacity which is intense on another level. It has to give your product life. It needs to call out to the potential customer and demand attention.

The following list of tips should help you to stand out from the crowd when it comes to writing winning descriptions of the goods or products that you offer. It is imperative that you study and apply them when you write descriptions for your online products because even a mediocre description will hurt you in these days of intense competition.

1). Profile your customer

Product description writers

Give serious consideration to the type of person that you want to buy your product. Narrow it down to a specific segment of society and use your product description to talk directly to that person which you have targeted.

You need to speak their language and relate directly to them in specific terms that they will understand. The image of your customer has to be clear in your mind before you begin because you just can’t write a description that appeals to everyone at the same time.

Have you ever noticed that sporting goods, and clothing stores only hire employees who are of the same group that they cater to? This is certainly not an accident. They know that these employees will make the clearest presentation to their peers who will be the customers. They also have a vested interest to the customer and the customer is more likely to respect what this particular sales person has to say to them.

You need to be very specific when you define your potential buyer down to what he or she eats, wears for clothing, and does for entertainment among other things. Remember that you are competing with many other sellers in your marketplace so you have to put in more research than they do in order to be more competitive.

This is the most important step of writing your product description. If you pay very close attention to following this first step it should pay off in dividends for you in product sales.

2) Product description writers

The reason that your customer will decide whether he or she needs the product that you have to offer will depend directly on the features and benefits that you place in the product description. Features and benefits are the things that make the product useful to your customer.

When you list the features and benefits of the product your own personal excitement should be evident in your writing. They must describe how the product will help to solve a problem that the customer has or encounters at certain times.

When you speak of the problem you need to speak of it personally so that you will cause the customer to remember the inconvenience that the problem causes. You also need to express the relief that your customer will feel when he or she uses the product.

Get personal. Your product may solve many problems but don’t worry about those problems that it will solve if they lie outside of the profile of your intended customer. A teenager for example, will not be thrilled by a product that is designed to alleviate the problems of an older customer.

All people want to be accepted by others so if you can focus on a way that your product will improve their stature or status among their friends, social groups or even better the opposite sex you need to include it in your description.

3) Seduce your potential customer

Don’t just describe the product to them. You need to woo them and entice them to want to try it. Seducing your customer is different from just describing your product. Descriptions simply give information and information is informal and maybe boring.

Your personality should come through the product description and it must be a personality that the customer can relate to.

Have you ever wondered why bigger department stores will take returns so easily? They do it because they know that word of mouth can either make or break them. Even in instances when a customer is wrong just the fact that they give their friend a negative report will cause the friend not to purchase products from the same location. They know this and will choose to take a small loss rather than get negative verbal publicity.

The point that I am attempting to make is this; the words coming from the mouth of a perceived friend will carry much more influence than words coming out of the mouth of a stranger.

Speak specifically to the customer and avoid the generic phrases that are so commonly used by merchants to describe their products. Remember that generic words sound like exactly what they are, which is words being used to persuade them to buy. Sell the benefits of the product rather than just make positive generic statements. Write your description as if your customer is the only person in the world that you are telling it to.

4) Make the content easy to read

Product description writers

The typical human will not take the time to go into a description which is written as one huge block of letters with no discernible outline.

The description must lead the eyes of the reader to where it wants them to go while at the same time giving him or her exactly what they need to know. Use different sized fonts for your headlines and content. Leave plenty of line breaks in your content so it doesn’t appear to be a big block of impenetrable matter but rather small pieces of digestible information.

Use pictures and animations often as a picture or a relevant animation can sometimes say more than a page full of words. Use every possible means to communicate with your customer on different levels.

Use colors in your lettering, bold letters to emphasize important points, and italics on occasion. Be careful not to overuse them because overuse will confuse your description. You want to use these features to give emphasis at specific points throughout your description.

5) Make your Description three Dimensional

People are more apt to purchase a product after they have interacted with it on a personal level. One trick that automobile dealers use is to allow you to drive the vehicle home overnight. This gives you an opportunity to interact with it and experience it on a personal level.

Of course this is not possible when you want to entice a customer to purchase a product just by reading a description so you need to make your description more meaningful than just words written on paper. One thing that you may want to do is to associate the product with an experience that you know is pleasurable to your reader.

6) Focus on more than just the sell

Product description writers

Don’t write a description that only gets the buyer to make the purchase. The experienced buyer will see through this immediately and will probably be turned off by it. Sell the product not the sale. Use plain language and try to actually educate the customer on the things that make this product a good one.

7) Appeal to the senses

Sense appeal is the best way to sell a product. After all the average customer wants a product that does one of five things. It must either look good, smell good, feel good taste good, or sound good. When you appeal to the senses you reach over into other areas or dimensions of mental perception which gives you a better opportunity to sell the product.

8) Use Testimonials

Testimonials work extremely well when they are written properly. The ideal testimonial will present another customer who is very similar to your target, had the exact same problem, and used the product to solve that problem. Many testimonials are generic in nature but the testimonial that works must be realistic and once again needs to seem as if it were being told directly to your customer in a one on one situation. It does not need to come off as words written on paper to get them to purchase your product.

9) Always Review your Description

Once you have written your product description you need to review to see if it meets all of the criteria outlined here. Read it critically at first then place yourself in the mind of the customer whom you are attempting to reach. Remember it is more important that the description please your customer rather than please you. After you think you have gotten it right go back later and review it again. Does it grab your attention? Does it appeal to your senses? Does it solve your problem? Is it something that you feel that you absolutely need to have? If it doesn’t fill the bill on any of these for you it will not do it for your customer either.

10) Do you have any qualms about being willing to change and to accept change?

Remain open to new thoughts and ideas. We as human beings are normally the products of our environment and we tend to see life through the shade of the sunglasses that life has provided us. This is not true of our customers.

Our sunglasses may be blue but those that our customer wear may be pink. We need to be willing to change the attire that we are accustomed to wearing in order to better reach our customers.

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