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Get Custom Press Release Writing Service to Be the Talk of the Town! - Killer Content Writers

Get Custom Press Release Writing Service to Be the Talk of the Town!

The Advantages of well Written Press Releases

  • Our press releases are concise and expertly written
  • You the client remain in control throughout the process
  • We give excellent, reliable service in a timely manner
  • Your press release will be properly formatted and SEO enhanced free of charge

We Have Expert Writers Trained to Write in the Journalistic Style

The construction of a press release is the most critical factor in determining whether it will be accepted and published. Editors will reject any press release that does not meet their expectations for a journalistically written product. This is the point where the point of a well known press release writing service comes!

Our writers are familiar with this style and are skilled in writing an SEO enhanced press release.

The properly written press release will not have the appearance of a product description, or web site content but it will be extremely effective in getting the attention of potential customers.

The properly written press release will generate excitement for your product or brand in the mind of a great number of customers who otherwise would probably never even see your site. It will take the news of your product or service to a totally different market. It will create knowledge about your product and your company. An expertly written press release will also greatly enhance the standing of your business in the minds of people who probably never would never hear of it otherwise. 

Our SEO enhanced press releases will also occupy the top positions in the search engines to help bring you even more traffic.

The press release is used to spread the news of your company or product to a wide target audience. They are wonderful instruments when used correctly to get traffic to your site.


We Excel in the Art of Captivating Your Audience

We here at SEOPage1 understand the importance of producing captivating content with an interesting storyline in order to hold the attention of your customer.

Our writers are trained to write content that is compelling without going overboard. They are able to walk the tightrope between writing compelling, SEO driven, easy to understand, effective content and writing content which appears to be too salesy or just plain not true.

They will present key details of your product in a way that will incite the customer to investigate and eventually to press the button which says buy.

We understand that not every customer will actually become a buyer but we will combine all of the factors necessary in order to make this happen. We will blend all of the influencing factors into one synergistic combination that guarantees better results than your competition, and give you the best possible opportunity to win that customer and hold him for life.


Our Press Release Writing Service are Guaranteed to be Effective

Effective content will hit the bullseye rather than miss the target. In order to get there many factors have to be combined or blended in the right way. Another way of looking at what we do is to compare effective content writing to baking a cake. The correct ingredients need to be added in the correct amounts at the right time. They have to be thoroughly blended and cooked at the right temperature for the right amount of time to give you the best possible result. This is our job and we have the experts on hand who can make it happen for you.

Our experts are seasoned and knowledgeable in every aspect of SEO, research, content writing, and can effectively change from one style of writing to another.

We blend all of these traits in order to provide you with the end result of the best all-around content possible.


We are also Flexible so that We can Meet Your Very Specific Needs

Every business or website has its own personality and identity. We totally understand that you need to establish a business identity which will separate you from the competition and establish you as a verifiable entity. You need to identify with your target audience in order to be able to serve them most effectively.  

Your audience needs to feel comfortable with you as a business entity before they will utilize your product or service the first time, and definitely need to do so before they will return and give you their business again.

We will also assist you in developing a business personality.  If you are not sure about how you want to do so or have questions about your target audience.

We will gather the information that we need from you in order to create your brand and put it together in a manner which will enhance your business by being compatible with your needs and the products and services that you offer. We will take any content and ideas that you already have and transform it by enhancing it to conform to SEO principles, and make it more palatable for your target audience.


Few frequently asked questions about press releases

  1. What makes a good press release i.e. what is a proper press release writing format/template?
    Answer: 1st, The title should be newsworthy and attention grabbing so that popular news sites pick them.
    2nd, There should be quotes from someone in the company and those who are close to the event/product.
    3rd, The contact info i.e. phone number and email should be there for reporters/journalists can follow up with.
    4th, It shouldn’t be promotional. It should have a news angle else popular news platforms wont pick it up.
    5th, It should have relevant website or event page or product page links so that people can learn more about them. The length of the press release itself shouldn’t be more than a page or one and half page maximum.
    6th, Include a short summary at the beginning since reporters are busy people and they will like to have some idea about the entire thing you are trying to highlight after reading the title and the summary.
  2. What does a press release look like?
    Answer: You can check one of our past live press releases here: http://www.prunderground.com/limo-advisor-an-easy-limo-rental-solution-for-everyone/0090104/
  3. What are common press release topics i.e. what to write a good press release on?
    Answer: You can write a press release about anything that is related to your company/event/ product and that is newsworthy. Like when your company shifted to a new office, or your company expanded its operation to a new city, or you launched a new product, or you are arranging an event, or one of your products is having a good amount of discounts i.e. something that is newsworthy. If you write a general overview of your company, it will not be picked by majority of the news platform because it will more be an article, not a release. You can see few more examples of creative product announcement press release ideas here.
  4. How much does it cost to write a press release?
    Answer: You can check our pricing on our pricing section. Our price is just for writing the text, publishing/distributing them will be a separate cost. Renowned Press release sites charge for distributing every press release. You can check Prweb.coms pricing here (prweb.com is the most popular press release distribution site).
  5. How many words should a press release have i.e. what should be the length of a press release?
    Answer: An ideal press release should be one page to one and half page long i.e. about 300-500 words in length.
  6. Do you write press release only for paid press release submission sites or for free sites as well?
    Answer: We write press releases for free press release submission sites as well. One of the reputed free press release submission platforms is www.free-press-release.com/
  7. What are the benefits/importance of press releases?
    Answer: Press releases help presses and people know about any event or product that you are going to arrange/launch. Company press releases inform people of various important news about your company. A well written press release that is picked by renowned news platforms like Nytimes or Boston can get you loads of visitors and sales.

Contact us for quality Press Release Writing Service

To order or enquire about our press release writing service, contact us with your requirements and we’ll get back to you in no time.


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