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Novels in the context of ghostwriting

Considered as the highest and widest from of literature, novels are relatively modern creation. It is the latest form of European literature. Don Quixote (1605) is considered as the first European novel. After that a lot many great novelists contributed to its niche belonging to the library of world literature. Among some of the greatest English and American novelists Charles Dickens (1812 – 1870),Tomas Hardy (1840–1928), D. H. Lawrence (1885–1930), Ernest Hemingway (1899–1961) and Joseph Conrad (1857– 1924) set the epitomes of novel writing in their times. However, it takes genius novel writers to write novels of that caliber.

In 21st century we are living in a different reality. This is the postmodern age pumped by technological revolution that gives less scopes for an individual to contemplate deeply into literature which is considered as an obsolete pastime by many. However, the love for reading novels has not perished yet. People are writing novels at a greater amplitude than before. We can see people from all walks of life including business persons, actors, politicians etc. are publishing books and novels that they do not have time to write or develop the skill for writing them. So, who are writing all these novels? To solve this puzzle the ghostwriters come into play. Ghostwriters are basically professional writers who write literary pieces on behalf of their clients and at the end of the writing they handover the copyright of the book to the clients.

What features should a good novel have?

Novel writing is not an easy task. There could be many novel writing tips but in practice it is not as easy as it may sound. Planning a novel is important because a good novel must have a coherent and well balanced story lines. There are many novel writing ideas that can help build a story line and plot. The plot of the novel should be compelling and each chapter should end with a puzzle, a crisis or a suspense that the reader feels the urge to start the next chapter to find a solution. The diction applied in a successful novel is always appropriate. Unnecessary details are never liked by modern readers. There could be more than one sub-plots that go parallel with the main plot. As we see in most popular contemporary novels, not a single scene is depicted without a purpose. Even a trifling detail can be a metaphor for something big. This is prevalent in all artistic creations, especially in films and plays. Moreover, the title of the novel is another important point. The title of a good novel encapsulates the essence of the novel. This is why it should be chosen carefully.

Steps to writing a great novel

There are a number of steps to writing a novel that an online writing service agency would follow. However, these steps can be followed by anyone for any types of novel. If you are writing your first novel you can follow this and learn how to write a novel step by step.

First of all, planning a novel is the first thing to do. It depends on the individual writer how he or she plans it. Some may have an epiphany and a whole plot of the novel is revealed. Others plan the novel consciously and imaginatively. There are many who take years to create a storyline. For example: Indian diaspora writer Arundhati Roy took 20 years to come up with her second novel The Ministry of Happiness after her Booker winning novel The God of Small Things.

The second step would be wring an outline once the planning of the novel is done. Professional novel writers know how to write a novel outline and systematically do so to speed up the process of writing. If you are writing your first novel this is a must thing to do. A good outline would help you keep your control over the content and you will not derail from the main story.

The third step is finding materials for your novel. Here materials can mean a lot of things. It could be statistical data, stories, style, and all other elements of novel writing that will help you develop the body of the novel. Some novels require heavy statistics or study in a specific field. Some novels require deeper study in human psychology. So it depends on the subject of your novel.

The next thing is to develop the characters of the novel as you go on with your story. It is highly important as people would relate themselves with these characters. The kind of reality faced by these characters experience in the novel will directly have an impact on the readers. In this case a skilled writer would know how to create characters for a novel with brilliance.

The following step is to arrange a climax of the story. For every piece of literature climax is where the story accumulates all the crises and pile them up to the highest point of tension. This is where the entire story peaks and the reader experience a gush of emotion.

The next step is to take the novel into a decisive end. Here the writer can linger a bit after the climax and end the novel in various ways. There are so many ways of ending a novel. Most realistic novels never ends with happily-ever-after ending. The crisis might linger as life hardly has a happy ending.

The final part is to do the revision. It should be done several times. A good novel writing is not complete unless several revisions.

These are some basic ideas regarding writing a novel. Advance writers have their own style and ideas that they apply while writing.

Why should you choose our novel writers to write your novel?

As an online novel writing service provider, we have enough amount of logistics, resources and manpower to invest time and money for research and writing quality novels for our clients. This is something an ordinary client might not find easy to do. So, we help our clients with all our resources. Our expert writers have 8 years of ghost writing experience. We carefully select our writers and all of them have degrees in English literature. They can also offer a lot of brilliant novel writing topics for you. If you are interested in writing a novella, we can also do that for you.

Apart from maintaining aforementioned steps, our writers try to apply advanced tricks to make our novels special. We use Copyscape Premium to avoid plagiarism, so you get 100% original text. Besides we also proofread our finished novels by our professional proofreader. We also design the book cover for your novel for extra price. If you need we can also help you with writing a novel outline template too. We can discuss it once you contact us.

So if you are looking for writing a professional novel writer or need novel writing help, please contact us using our email address or the skype ID given on the site.

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