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  • Professional news writers with 8 years of experience
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  • Attractive headlines and captivating writing style
  • Covering all news categories of newspaper article format

Why should you get your news posts written by a professional news writer?

News posts are something that online readers actually read unlike other categories of articles and blogs in which they might not find themselves inclined to invest much time while flickering through the web pages. Online news posts are read more often than other articles. This is why most articles are written following news writing formats or at least incorporate some characteristics of them. The aim of a news post is not just sharing some facts about something that matters, it also tries to engage the reader into the story that builds up and turns into an effective form of entertainment. Readers read news posts to keep track of something they already know and are interested about it. So, if a news post fails to provide these vital services that they are supposed to, the reader might slip away. If you have a look at our news report examples you will see that we do extensive research to come up with proper news elements and values. To hook the readers with brilliant wording and relevant information you must have a professional news writer to write the news for you.

What are the features of a viral news post?

There are many types of news posts written for multitude of purposes. However there are certain elements of news writing that a news post must have to create an impact. Most successful news posts are written by expert news writers who never fail to apply the following points in their news:

  • Authentic information: The primary purpose of a news post is to provide specific information which is substantially authentic. If the information is not correct, there is no point in writing a news based on that unless you are trying to provide ‘alternative facts’!
  • Emotional trigger: Evoking emotion is another vital point for any news post belonging to most popular categories. From sports to economy, all types of news posts should have elements of triggering emotion in the reader to be effective. Human beings are highly emotional animals. They try to relate to the surroundings on emotional notes which helps them create strong social bonding. A news post that can generate emotional trigger must create a deeper impact on the readers.
  • Practicality: We all like to read something that has practical value in social life, in other words, that can be shared with others or discussed in a friendly gathering.
  • Story telling: One of the fundamental natures that we inherently carry is our love for stories. Stories in a variety of art forms including literature, movies, TV serials, stage plays etc. have become our major source of entertainment. A professional news writer knows how to develop a story even though the topic is not interesting for the general people.
  • Timely: News posts must be speaking of the issues that people can relate to. The right news at the right time has the maximum effect. The writing must have certain elements of relevance in terms of current issues that are directly related to the target readers.

Why should you hire us?

We are a professional news writing service agency with years of experience in writing news articles for our clients. We have a group of expert news writers who can write you exactly the type of news posts you might be looking for. Our writers can write on any given category. They can turn any ordinary topic into something amazing to read and engage. The language is where our writers shine brightly. They use the most appropriate language in the most befitting news article format. If you have a look at our newspaper article template, you would understand the quality we maintain.  We have perfected our skills over the past 8 years of writing numerous news posts on a range of topics. Our elements of news writing are derived from a variety of sources. We are very careful about the sources we use. To us facts matter most. However we always follow the instructions given by our clients. Here are some technical things we maintain:

  • Professional tone and wording
  • Extensive research prior to writing
  • Using Copyscape Premium to avoid plagiarism
  • Attention grabbing titles that hook the reader instantaneously
  • Engaging style that not only provides authentic information but also evoke emotion
  • Meeting deadline

Apart from that we also provide other services such as helping you up basic news on your website. We can do that for extra price. So let us know if you need professionally written news posts for you. To start with we need a list of information from you. For that we expect you to contact us. You can find the email ID and Skype details on this website. Please also knock us for news article examples if you need.

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