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Introduction to LinkedIn

Like all other mainstream popular social networking websites, LinkedIn® was created in the first decade of 21st century. But unlike top social networking sites it is focused on professional profiles of individuals and business organizations. LinkedIn is basically an employment and business career oriented website. Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly, Jean-Luc Vaillant are the founding fathers of this giant career profiling social networking website. On May 5, 2003 LinkedIn was launched and since then it reached more than 500 million subscribers as of April 2017. This all leads to one conclusion, to keep pace with the current job market, there is no alternative to opening a Linkedin account and decorating it with all the professional and personal details. There are plenty of reasons why linkedin is important for you to bring a change in your professional career. To get the best result linkedin profile writing must be professionally written that will showcase every qualification you have. Now, copy-pasting the resume on the linkedin profile will not be fruitful. In this case a professional linkedin summary writer can help you make a productive linkedin profile.

How LinkedIn works?

There is no doubt that the waves Linked in created on the internet have reached the furthest corners of the world. Millions of job recruitments around the globe are done solely based on LinkedIn profile and employers are increasingly getting dependent on Linked in for selecting the best candidates. Likewise, LinkedIn is offering a superb platform where the subscribers can manifest their credentials like in nowhere else online. A subscribed member is supposed to put all her or his professional qualifications and experience details on the site along with previous work samples that should help prospective employers understand the eligibility of the candidate. The site does not stop there, it promotes individual members’ profiles using ‘connect’ option. This allows members of LinkedIn connect with a network of fellow members and potential employers. Linkedin connections play a vital role in opening up new opportunities. The growth of connection is directly proportionate to the possibility of finding a suitable job, as the network connects so many profiles together creating a fertile ground for mutual interactions. Apart from that, there is personal messaging service that helps connected individuals share ideas and views. Apart from that there is a wall on the home page where members share their status, news posts, project details, various relevant links creating a perfect environment for sharing information and discussing ideas. LinkedIn premium on the other hand is a paid option that adds up more opportunities for the members. In 2013 Linked purchased Pulse, a news service which covers iOS and Android platform. LinkedIn Pulse is an excellent medium for receiving updates from professional networks.

LinkedIn reality and scopes of linkedin careers

At present, millions of job recruitments are taking place with the help of LinkedIn. It is one of the most trusted and authentic platform where employers find their perfect candidates for recruitment. Linkedin summary showcases most relevant skills and qualifications in a specific format. It is easier and less time consuming to learn about a potential candidate using linkedin resume. Since LinkedIn designed the website in a manner that help members find professionals relevant to their working field, members are exposed to a wide window for job opportunities. Hence, Linkedin’s importance in building a career in the desired field is huge. Every member here enjoys the scope for searching jobs in any sector by following and connecting with those members who are excelling. So, if you want to find limitless job opportunities in any field, you must have a LinkedIn account. But, owning an account and knowing how to use linkedin is not enough. You also need to create the perfect profile with all the relevant information in place. Usually the good linkedin profile examples for job seekers are professionally created by linkedin writers who are expert in this area.

How do we provide exceptional linkedin profile writing service?

As a professional online linkedin profile writing agency, we have 8 years of experience in writing numerous Linkedin profile summaries that earned desired jobs for our clients. Working as an effective linkedin summary generator, we are fortunate to receive orders from old clients for revamping or updating their existing profiles. We are highly committed to provide the linkedin writing service for our clients. Our professional linkedin writers produced some of the top linkedin profiles. We also offer optimizations for Linkedin SEO and Applicant tracking systems (ATS). These are part of the linkedin writing service that we provide. Linkedin SEO basically refers to putting SEO keywords in the profile so that it can come on the top when the employer searches for a candidate. ATS optimization works in the similar manner allowing our profiles to top the search list when the employer uses ATS software. Due to these optimizations along with proper input of client’s information in the profile based on extensive research, our linked in profiles are perfect job magnets.

Our working process

  • To begin with we take sufficient information from you to understand your goals and set our strategy thereby
  • We then focus on building reputation using professional branding
  • Our next target is tailoring the profile in a way that catches the attention of Human Resource managers and recruiters
  • Then we try to demonstrate skills and experience, in other cases services and products to find more business and job opportunities

If you want to own a productive linkedin account, you need professional linkedin profile writers to take care of your account. As an experienced linkedin profile writing agency we can provide you with exactly the kind of service that you need to grab more jobs and enrich your career. Our talented writers can help you create more linkedin connections. We can also show you our professional linkedin summary examples for recent graduates.

What else do we offer?

Apart from providing exclusive Linkedin summary writing or rewriting service we also write CV or resume for our clients. If you need to write or rewrite your existing CV, please contact us. We can ensure fast delivery time and free 1st revision. You can contact us using our e-mail address or Skype, details of which can be found on the site.

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