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Introduction to landing page

Landing page is the destination page which appears as a result of clicking on a search result of a search engine or online ad. This is why it is also known as destination page of a website. The main purpose of a website landing page is to provide service or product information in a way that turns the visitors of the website into buyers. Generally, a landing page features the sales copy which can be reached by clicking on the advertisement or search result. The conversion rate of a landing page is decided by what a visitor does on the landing page. To increase the sales rate or the number of lead, the landing page creator or landing page builder must adapt certain strategic writing and SEO techniques that offer reader friendly and intuitive options for the visitors on the page where they can make their buying decisions and convert into a potential customer.

Types of website landing page?

We see two major types of ecommerce landing page.

Reference landing page:

A visitor of a reference landing page finds relevant information for her/his search. Here the visitor may also get the links relevant to their searching objects.

Transactional landing page:

The transactional landing page is the most significant e-commerce tool for online advertising since its inception back in 2003. The design of transactional landing page provides options for the visitors to put their personal information in certain boxes. This information is later analyzed for various customized e-marketing. The aim is to turn the visitor of the site into a buyer.

Types of optimization an expert landing page creator can offer

Landing page optimization is also known as land page optimization or LPO. It is the part of internet marketing that is covered under conversion optimization which also known as CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization. For a landing page to attain high conversion rate it must be optimized properly. It does not matter how well the written text are, unless they are properly optimized based on the right keywords, they are basically useless. There are many types of landing page optimization. The first one is associative content targeting. In this case the content of the page is arranged on the basis of visitors’ geographic data and search criteria. The second type is known as active targeting where existing predictive analytics are performed based on available information of the visitors. The third one falls in consumer directed targeting. Here the landing page content is produced based on information that is publicly available. Landing page best practices show that ratings, referrals, tagging and reviews are analyzed for optimization purposes.

Why you need a professional agency for creating your website landing page?

So, this appears certain that landing page optimization requires expertise and right amount of logistics and resources to carry out in-depth research. If you have a close look at professional landing page templates, you will find that they start with great landing page headlines. The words that are used in a landing page should not be linguistically verbose or challenging to understand for the readers. A simple landing page can gain higher conversion rate if designed and optimized properly. Only professional landing page creators can meet all these criteria. A landing page creator agency would have access to all the data and traffic analytics that would enable them to carry out adequate research to create the optimum text. They have enough resources to employ expert landing page writers. There are several stages of writing a sales landing page. Professional landing page agency would ensure that all the stages are followed properly.

Why you should choose us to do the job for you

As a professional landing page writing agency with over 8 years of experience, we have some of the best landing page writers that you can trust. We understand the importance of landing pages as a great online business tool. From that understanding we have written so many killer ecommerce landing pages for our clients who keep coming back to us with more orders. Our design and content are unique and highly magnetic in terms of drawing potential customers. Not only that, all of our app landing pages and sales landing page websites attain high conversion rate. This is partly because we follow certain steps to writing.

First of all we take all the basic information from our client. We try to understand the kind of service and product needs to be promoted. We take notes on the vision and mission of our client’s company. We pay close attention to what the instruction are.

The second stage is the competitor research. This includes an extensive research on our client’s the competitor websites. We try to cover all the relevant sites and their traffic. Then, based on our research we gain access to relevant traffic data from various SEO data providing websites. After that we research for the best keywords. During our writing we apply the findings from these researches.

The next stage is writing. Here the writing part is done using native quality English. We ensure engaging writing style which is also simple and reader friendly. The layout is always professionally chosen for the best result. We use Copyscape Premium account to check plagiarism. So, the text is 100% original. Our professional proofreader recheck and embellish the text for final submission.

Finally we do several revisions of the text from our end before submission. The revision is done in all the sections of the text. We also revise the keywords and other optimization tools.

So, if you are looking for a killer landing page copy template that will earn maximum conversion rate, contact us immediately. Our superb team of landing page writer will ensure you the best quality for the minimum price. Our cheap landing pages are also powerful enough. We ensure the best landing page service at the cheapest price. Our landing page templates on WordPress will impress you. We can also give you a landing page example if you want to have a look prior to ordering.

What other services we offer

Apart from writing cool landing pages, we also provide writing services for website content, articles, blogs, eBooks, novels, short stories, sales letter, newsletter, manual, resume, linkedIn profile, horoscopes etc. We believe that quality of service can bring back our clients for more.

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