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Exclusive eBook Writing Service to Get You Published & Impress the World - Killer Content Writers

Exclusive eBook Writing Service at Affordable Rates to Get You Published & Impress the World

The Advantages of using our EBook Writing Services

  • Once again we provide you with the expertise of seasoned EBook Writers from all possible business niches.
  • Our content is again Guaranteed to be Creative and Origina
  • We give you Exclusive rights for your EBook Purchase
  • We insure correct content with free proofreading, editing, and revision

The customer who downloads your EBook is different from the blog reader in that he or she is looking primarily for correct, expert information. EBooks are written on individual topics purely to provide expert information and advice. EBooks are much more difficult to produce and require a dedicated professional to begin its production and to see it through all of the way to the end and an renowned eBook writing service is the best place to get one. 

The entire publication requires the strictest attention to detail in every aspect. Our experts will attend to those details for you once again allowing you to focus your undivided attention to other areas.

EBooks which are written to cover a unique aspect of your business provide much more information than the blog post or article. Every bit of the information has to be laser accurate and thoroughly detailed. Our writers will take the time needed to render their undivided attention because it requires the extra attention to detail that only an expert can consistently provide.

We can offer you this advantage once again because our writers are experts in their prospective niches. They didn’t become experts overnight. They have years of experience guiding them along with the best information gathering knowledge and technology at their hands. You need to use them to help you put your best foot forward when you represent your business.

Our eBook writing team can produce your EBooks for whatever reason you need them, whether it be to sell for profit, or to use them to establish your expertise among your customers.

Why Should You Choose Our eBook writing service? 

We go the extra mile by offering you competitive EBook prices and ultra-affordable pricing packages. The best thing about any deal that you make with us is that it is backed by our many years of expertise. Our ghostwriters will serve to vault you into a position of advantage over your competition.

Once we have completed the project we turn it over to you. We give you 100% of the credit for its production and content. This offers you the advantage of procuring and expertly produced product, having it revised free of charge to meet your own personal tastes, and presenting it to your present and potential customers.

We will protect the confidentiality of our agreement and our writers will do the same. You alone will have the rights to publish or reproduce your EBooks as you see fit, thus maximizing the potential income that you will receive from its sales and use.

We Provide Close and Personal Service from Start to Finish

We will be more than a nameless entity to you during the production of your product. We will give you our personal attention from start to finish.

You give us your general idea and we will take it from there and develop it into a topic. Of course you will be able to provide your own personal input during the entire process because this is your product. It needs to speak to your customers about you, and it will.

We will begin by allowing one of our experts to produce a professional outline and a table of contents. You review it and provide input. We revise and submit it to you again. Once we get your approval we can move forward swiftly to complete the project. We will keep you in the loop with periodic updates.

As soon as we get the initial working draft completed we will allow you to make suggestions and to provide your input.

Once we receive your go ahead we will complete it with the proper modifications.

We guarantee a final product which will capture your customers’ attention and fulfill your requirements and expectations.

Few things to know before you order our eBook writing service

  1. What are the advantages of eBooks i.e. where can I use eBooks?
    Answer: 1st, you can use eBooks to have people subscribe to your website. Usually people dont subscribe when you dont offer them anything. A well written eBook on an interesting topic can increase the number of your subscribers to a significant extent.
    2nd, You can promote your service/business through your eBook. You can insert relevant links to your website where necessary.
    3rd, you can sell your eBooks on amazon kindle or other online platforms and start making cash. You need to market your eBook initially in order to be able to make people purchase it. We can help you with eBook marketing as well.
  2. Should I use free eBooks available online?
    Answer: You can read free eBooks from various online platform to have idea about a subject but you shouldn’t use them since they may create copyright issue. Also they may not be written specifically for your audience.
  3. What is the best way to write my eBook?
    Answer: We usually write eBooks in a way so that readers cant stop reading it until they reach the very last page. We include relevant images, a short summary of almost every page, a clickable table of contents, chapter wise specific info, charts, graphs, a cover design and everything necessary to make it appealing and interesting when writing an eBook.
  4. What is the best size for my eBook?
    Answer: There is no specific answer to this question. If you need an eBook to build a list of subscribers, even a 20 pages eBook will be good. But if you need an eBook to show your expertise on a subject matter or to sell on kindle, more pages are required. We did eBooks of various length for our clients ranging from 10 pages to 200 pages.
  5. Should I take help of any eBook writing tools/software when creating an eBook?
    Answer: The eBooks we product are 100% hand written. We don’t make use of any software/tool to create eBooks since they can produce meaningless stuffs.
  6. Where can I see example of eBooks online?
    Answer: We did hundreds of eBooks for our clients during last 8 years. We saved about 5 of them in our portfolio. You can check them here: https://killercontentwriters.com/portfolio/
  7. What is the price of an Ebook?
    Answer: You can check our pricing after clicking the price tab on the menu bar. We usually charge per page or per word for eBooks. For bulk orders, we offer discount.

Contact Us for Quality eBook Writing Services

In order to inquire about our eBook writing service, contact us with your requirements and we’ll get back to you in no time with our reply.


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