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Key features of our autobiography writing service

  • We offer professional ghostwriting service for an excellent autobiography
  • Flawless English with appropriate diction to describe life events accurately
  • Captivating narrative style that hooks the reader till the end
  • Proper adaptation of point of view for an engaging narrative

What is an autobiography?

An autobiography is the narrative of real-life events of the writer. What differentiates an autobiography from a biography is the point of view. In case of autobiographies, the autobiography writers reflect upon the past events of their lives and narrate the story in first person. This helps autobiography gain a more authentic tone unlike the speaker of omniscient point of view, as the speaker here has a limited perspective from which the events are described. As a result, this produces a more realistic story that can earn trust from the readers. However, many psychologists and sociologists later found that autobiographies might offer the creators a convenient platform to recreate past events.

However, classically autobiographies used to be written by the writers themselves and so many great and successful men and women wrote famous autobiographies. Confessions by Jean-Jacques Rousseau was an epitome of classical autobiography written by the author himself. Again there were some other forms where the writer broke the boundaries between an autobiography and fiction. For example, Charles Dickens drew life events in his famous novels namely David Copperfield, Oliver Twist etc.

Why do you need professional autobiography writers to write an autobiography for you?

Later in comparatively modern times, precisely in the post-modern era, famous personalities including sportspersons, actors, and politicians started publishing autobiographies. But these autobiographies were mostly written by ghostwriters. Many name this act as ‘scandalous’ yet for practical purposes, it was a necessity. Let’s linger on this a bit more.

It is interesting that not all the autobiographers of post-modern era are necessarily written by professional writers, literary scholars or full-time authors. Women and men from any background and profession can wish to have an autobiography. But the craftsmanship lies deep in the practice of writing and reading which is true for any type of writing. So, everybody has so many stories to tell from their lives, but not everyone knows how to write an autobiography. Only genius writers can make an engaging autobiography out of the convoluted turns of events in your life. This is where a ghostwriter comes in.

A ghostwriter is essentially a writer who writes on behalf of others anonymously and does not enjoy any copyright claim over the finished write-up. Mostly ghostwriters write professionally for their potential clients who are not in the position to write for themselves due to a variety of reasons. Many people want their life events to be remembered in the future. Some ghostwrite books for enhancing the social image. There are many who focus on the aesthetics of the stories of their lives, so they outsource a better writer to fulfill their dreams.  For all cases, a ghostwriter has the most important responsibility of stitching life events in an engaging narrative excelling aesthetically. So, a ghostwriter is now not only an efficient means of creating something beautiful out of your life story, but also a great way of documenting present times for social, economic and cultural reasons.

Why should you choose us for writing your autobiography?

As a content and eBook writing team, we have been ghostwriting autobiographies for our clients for over 8 years now. We have some exceptionally talented writers who are expert in writing autobiographies on behalf of our respected clients. They are some of the best autobiography writers online. Since we have completed over 200 autobiography writing projects by now, we have accumulated enough expertise and writing skill to produce fantastic results. We have plenty of autobiography ideas to offer as well. Autobiography stories require a lot of polishing and careful stitching to form a bigger and meaningful write-up which the readers would find enough materials to relate their own stories. That is the magic of writing great autobiographies. When people can dip into the stories and get lost into a virtual world which seems very familiar. Our writers understand this and employ appropriate strategies to maintain this kind of writing that people can relate to. We can come up with really good autobiography titles for you.

We have one of the most professional autobiography sites that can help you materialize your dream of sketching your life on the papers of a book that you can keep for a lifetime. As per the rules of ghostwriting, you will enjoy full rights for the book and the moment we send it over to you, it will be yours. Our experts will talk to you over phone or Skype to get maximum details and instructions from you. We are very careful about what we write and avoid plagiarism altogether. We use Copyscape Premium to avoid plagiarism issues so that it does not violate any international law on copyright. So you can rest assured that you will receive 100% original text. If you cannot decide what title you should choose, we can help you with autobiography titles. Since autobiography stories are basically life events the titles are carefully chosen to match them. You can also have a look at our unique autobiography example from below.

What else do we offer?

Apart from providing autobiography writing services, we also write novels, short stories, and non-fictions. Our skilled autobiography writers can provide short bio writing service as well. You may find about that service in respective sections of this site. We can also design covers for your autobiography for some extra bucks. If you want the entire book to be designed, we can do that too. Please note that we do not provide any services regarding publishing the book. We will send you the complete book in MS Word file or any E-book format you want. You can have a look at the autobiography template on our site as well. We can also write you an autobiography sample essay.

So, if you are looking for a ghostwriter to write interesting autobiographies for you, let us hear from you. You can find contact details on the site.

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