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  • We offer customer driven SEO friendly format
  • We do Keyword optimization for Google ranking
  • We do adequate research prior to writing

An introduction to modern apps and games

It is one of the phases of history when mankind is shifting from analogous to digital lifestyle. With the advent of computers, the internet and mobile phones, people are getting more and more dependent on virtual world of numerous games and apps than the physical world when it comes to entertainment. Within a scale of 30 years, the face of desktop and mobile gaming has changed completely. And it all happened in our lifetime. Games of present times are so realistic and influential that they are shaping the childhoods of the kids when they grow up. No kid can be found in our neighborhood who is not familiar with desktop or mobile gaming or a list of Windows, android and iOS based apps that are an important source of their entertainment. The android and iOS app markets flourish beyond imagination. Each of these platforms outnumbered Windows or Mac based apps long ago. App and game developers around the world are relentlessly coming up with inventive ideas revolutionizing mobile phone industry. App writing plays a great role in this industry as every app needs to be introduced as detailed as possible.

You must have your descriptions written by Windows, android and iOS experts who have a knack in writing

For every app or game to rank high on either Google Playstore or Apple’s Appstore it needs a great body of description that not only describes all the key features minutely, but also offers SEO keyword optimization. These keywords would help them rank high on Google search as well. Same is true for the Windows and Mac app developers. The SEO part is the most important one, as it does not matter how greatly the description is written if it does not show up in the search results. Once the SEO part is passed and the app is ranking noticeably high on the search result list, it is time for the app writing part to captivate the user. The first thing a customer looks for before downloading the app is the app description. So it must bear the signature of a great mind that developed it. And a professional tech geek with natural writing capacity should be the ideal person to write the description for you. Now, let’s discuss how app description writing plays a major role in prompting a potential customer to push the download or install button.

Professional tone

An app description template or app description has professional tone that captures the essence of brilliant mind that created the app. The best app description examples do not sound flimsy, superficial or comic, rather they maintain a balance of all three while using appropriate technical terms and simple language to describe elaborately. Professional app writers and game writers employ seductive terms in a manner that does not sound superfluous. This will effect trust in the consumers and they become interested about the app or game. A professional game description generator can help you promote your game beyond your expectation.

Seductive language

The app description page if full of descriptions that barely detail the key features of their apps and games attractively. Using flat language is one of the reasons behind the creation of a boring text. As a developer of your app make no mistake of writing a simple description that shows no verbal charisma. A professional app store description writer knows all the terms that best describe your app. Words are very powerful tools here that can make all the difference.

Proper SEO optimization for app writing

As mentioned earlier, SEO plays a major role in ranking the app/game high on search result list. Only a good app/game description writing service provider can ensure proper SEO optimization. It takes years of experience to perfect the skill of keyword research. Many make a mistake of putting too many keywords into the text. But the number of keywords does not necessarily need to be high. If the keywords are of quality only a handful should do the magic.

Why we are the best in writing app/game description?

As professional content and product description writing agency we have eight long years of experience. We have completed plenty of projects of app description writing. In our previous works you would find examples of great app descriptions. Our app/ game writers do extensive research before writing app features list. They use the app or game themselves for getting a firsthand experience. This allows them to gather proper knowledge about the app. We avoid depending on instructions solely, rather we explore the apps and similar ones on the app store to find out the must have app features. Once found, we put them into the descriptions. Besides, we stand out on the app description page for our use of diction. If you go through android app description examples you can find that the highly rated ones try to focus on the most popular features that are unique in that particular genre. Our app writing service offers fluid and natural writing style using spell bounding word crafting wizardry to give you the ultimate app/game description writing service. Apart from a magnetic description we can also do the proper SEO optimization. Our SEO expert team excel in keyword optimization and they can help you rank high on Google search.

So, if you are looking for an attractive SEO optimized description for your app/game on any platform, contact us using our email address and Skype, details of which are given on our website. As an app description generator we have enough samples to show you, in case you want to see one.

What other services do we offer?

Apart from writing app description page we also write website contents, blogs, articles, company profiles, eBooks, short stories, novels, manual, CV/Resume, newsletter etc. If you are interested please have a look at our other pages where you can find the samples of our works.

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